Case Studies

We work across global industries and leadership functions to help clients achieve consistently superior results from their investments in executive search and management succession. Click the + to expand your view of how we’ve partnered with a variety of organizations of all sizes and stages of growth achieve their leadership goals and avoid high-cost, highly visible missteps.

A prestigious private university eager to improve the effectiveness of its executive, administrative and faculty hiring practices

and also interested in empowering its Search Committees sought our counsel. We diagnosed the process pitfalls that stood in the way of effectively searching for the right leaders who would fit the university’s unique organizational culture. We provided a roadmap for improving external search results and for making its Search Committee members better prepared to navigate the search process and make sound succession decisions.

Inform And Empower Your Search Committee

A regional, not-for-profit healthcare provider frustrated by a lack of management diversity

and inconsistent results on prior executive searches and also in need of highly confidential insight on effective ‘C-Suite’ succession turned to us for guidanceWe helped the provider identify and contract with the right executive recruiters. We offered valuable perspective and resources to increase management diversity and also advised about the influences on ‘C-Suite’ succession, how to engage stakeholders in the process, and how to navigate potential conflicts of interest.

Increase Management Diversity

A global financial services company frustrated that a high- profile search had gone off the tracks

engaged us to benchmark its global spend on executive search, review its search firm contracts, and identify highly qualified search firms across its business lines and regions. We determined the company was spending over 3x more on global executive search than its HR team realized because its selection and engagement of firms was decentralized, based largely on the ‘buddy system’, and not consistently labeled nor drawn from the same operating budgets. We created best practice contracts to reduce its spend and risk exposure, recommended new search processes and providers, and raised its competitiveness by improving its reach to key talent pools.

Hire More Effectively At The Executive Level

A developer of fiber-optic and WiFi components for the communications, energy and high-tech markets needed to recruit a sales and marketing executive

but didn’t know which search firm/consultant was best qualified to tackle the assignment. We tapped our global network of retained executive search firms and applied significant due diligence to identify the search consultants with the most relevant market knowledge and experience whose restrictive covenants with current clients would not materially restrict the pool of candidates for the role. We advised our client on the best contract terms for the search and how to optimize the search process.


Select the Right Search Consultant