In the world of sports, a game’s outcome is often decided before either team takes the field, the ice, or the court. “Failing to prepare,” legendary college basketball coach John R. Wooden observed, “is preparing to fail.”

So, too – whether you need to conduct an executive search or prepare for management succession – the end result is often pre-ordained by what you know and bring to the process before it even starts.

Executive search and management succession are highly visible and incredibly consequential undertakings for any organization. We invite you to read and share our unique point of view – and we welcome your call to discuss them and how they may apply to your specific situation.

How to Avoid 3 Unpleasant Surprises on Your Next Search

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises.

Yet, for employers of all sizes in every global industry space, the process through which they expect to attract superior executives will be remembered more for the missteps and awkward consequences that result than for the caliber of leaders who may or may not be recruited to their senior management teams…

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A Matter Of Judgment For Institutional Search Committees

What leadership skills and experiences– and who, exactly – are we really looking for?

This is, naturally, one of the first questions any institutional Search Committee should be asking its members and constituents, particularly when controversy surrounds a key, high visibility leadership role and forces an urgent assemblage of resources to launch an important search for his or her successor…

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Aligning The Executive Interview Process With Your Recruiting And Business Goals

You have a great organization. You also have a superb brand. Your leadership team has an impeccable reputation. And yours is broadly recognized as a fast-growth, high potential and/or market leading employer on the verge of or perhaps already achieving extraordinary things. Yet, particularly at this time when questions of sustainability have risen to the highest strategic levels, your organization may be failing to capitalize on its true competitive advantages for one glaring reason that individuals outside your four walls may already know to be true.

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