Inform & Empower Your Search Committee

A Search Committee plays a vital role at a pivotal time of leadership change for universities, public institutions and not-for-profit organizations. Yet its members may lack clarity on their roles. They need expert counsel to navigate the search process, select and engage a search consultant if appropriate, and appoint a final candidate.

We can help you answer questions like these:

  • What do Search Committee members need to know about their role in the process?
  • Do we need to engage a search consultant? If so, how should we select and engage the firm?
  • What external influences and pressures might have a material impact on our appointment of a new leader?
  • When should we report the progress of the Search Committee to stakeholder groups?

We help committee members contribute meaningfully to the selection of your next leader. As the search unfolds, we serve as expert counsel to overcome common obstacles and answer difficult questions. We make the work of Search Committees more effective and rewarding for committee members, candidates and institutions.