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Our team is committed to helping the world’s leading retained executive search firms achieve their strategic business objectives. We bring deep advisory and recruiting experience and expertise as well as a global reputation for understanding our clients’ businesses and how they can maximize outcomes for their owners and partners, clients, team members and candidates.

We can help you:

Select The Right Search Consultant

The selection and engagement of an executive search firm/consultant is a critical precursor to attracting the right executives for your organization. How you select and engage a search partner pre-determines the quality and diversity of the talent you can attract. Where and how they search determines who you can recruit to critical leadership roles.

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Create Your Management Succession Plan

Few things are as critical to the performance and viability of your organization as planning and orchestrating the timely and seamless transition of leaders in the most visible and consequential roles. Getting succession right requires a keen understanding of the risks and hidden influences on the process.

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Improve Executive Hiring Effectiveness

Few things are as costly as a consistently inefficient and ineffective approach to executive staffing. We can help you generate better results and significant return on your investment in hiring and promoting at the executive level.

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Inform And Empower Your Search Committee

A Search Committee plays a vital role at a pivotal time of leadership change for universities, public institutions and not-for-profit organizations. Yet its members may lack clarity on their roles. They need expert counsel to navigate the search process, select and engage a search consultant if appropriate, and appoint a final candidate.

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Increase Management Diversity

There are plenty of good reasons to improve management diversity, but only a few ways to actually achieve it. We believe your executive search and succession practices predetermine your organization’s ability to attract, promote and retain a diverse pool of talented leaders.

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